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Außenwerbung neu entdecken

Modern ePaper displays mounted on the rear surface of trucks allow us to show digital vehicle advertisements in real-time for the very first time.

That's how it works

As the only permitted way of advertising on most European highways, vehicle advertisements have a special position in OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising. They gain up to 50.000 daily views and are extraordinarily accepted among the consumers.

As the first company worldwide, RoadAds interactive enables you to book this advertising space digitally and in real-time. You can create and manage your campaigns conveniently online and be always up-to-date thanks to our extensive live statistics.

No matter if you want to show your campaign locally, regionally or on a wide-range, with RoadAds interactive you have full control. Define your individual advertising region and use truckside ads as targeted as never before.

Forget about expensive canvas changes or high initial costs. With RoadAds interactive you get vehicle advertising with the push of a button and can even change running campaigns in real-time. Outdoor advertising has never been so easy.

Your campaign on our screens

The usage of electronic ink makes digital truckside ads street legal for the very first time. With a resolution of 1452 x 2572 pixels per truck door and the possibility to show 16 shades of gray, photographs and complex patterns look razor sharp. The extraordinary contrast of our digital screens guarantees perfect readability even in direct sunlight.

RoadAds interactive is not only offering OOH, but DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home). The full connectivity of our screens enables you to manage and change your campaigns in real-time and allows target-specific content. Define exactly when and where your campaign should be shown. Always, except wednesday and friday? Only when it is raining or there is a traffic jam? No problem, with RoadAds interactive!